“I want to thank you for your wonderful and inspiring un-presentation yesterday. Your attitude about honesty was very refreshing. I had heard you speak at TechTalk at Windward CC a few months back and was inspired to take the course. You, alone, made the course worth taking. I wish you could have had all 3 days of the workshop!

I’ll be spending the next couple weeks excitedly exploring all the resources you presented. Thank you so very much for the inspiration!
Mahalo nui loa!”

Vanessa Cole
Lecturer at Windward Community College

“Ah you are a brilliant man — I see the light — I see the light — low and behold — I AM STARTING TO SEE THE LIGHT — I feel like I was in a cloud until now — but I am seeing the light — sometimes I feel dumb again — but then I see the light — thanks for having the patience with me – i think I get it now…”
[Specific confidential content removed]
“- but now I know I am behind but confident that we will be market leaders within six months — so I feel good about the whole thing — I MUST also say that I WOULD HAVE NEVER SEEN THE LIGHT HAD YOU NOT PUSHED ME IN (date removed) — had this been from (date removed) to (date removed) I would have never have had the time to get it…”
Name withheld but client contact is ok.
Call and ask for name and number.

I’ve known Brent for eleven years. He’s a Web professional of the highest caliber. His understanding of Web design, development and Web 2.0 environments separates him from the rest of the pack. If you’re thinking of hiring a consultant to establish or to build upon your Web presence, I’d highly recommend that you consider Brent as a Web Professional of choice.
William Cullifer
Executive Director – Founder
World Organization of Webmasters

Commentary – The truth is that Bill has been a great mentor, advocate and friend. He shifts my perception in positive directions all the time. It’s a joy to see Bill’s vision for web professionals come into reality. Mahalo Bill.

“When he (Brent) came to work with us over a year ago he fit right in. From the onset he worked very yard, met deadlines and followed through on the details. His designs helped our products stand out on the shelves. His experience was most useful helping us move into multimedia.”

Paul McManus
DeskTop Software Inc.
East Hartford, CT

Commentary – Paul McManus gave me my first copy of Napoleon Hill’s The “16 Laws of Success”. It was one of the most life-changing gifts I’ve received. Mahalo Paul.

“I have worked with Brent on at least ten thousand images. His work with Sam Shaw and J. Stephen Hicks is some of the best we’ve seen. He is always fun to work with.”

Victor DiMeglio
Hi-Tech Imaging
Great Neck, NY

Commentary – The truth is that you’ll have to do research to learn why this is here. Aloha Victor.

“Within a few months he proved himself very capable. His designs helped us to stand out in a competitive market. He helped us trim costs and was a great asset to our marketing department.”

Andrew Dale – Avid Technologies
Marketing Manager
Spirit Technologies, Inc.
Marlborough, MA

Commentary – Andrew gave me my first real break in graphic design. A large budget and a “go for broke” design philosophy that served me well through the dot-com boom. Thanks Andy!

“Brent is a very conscientious worker. He is very creative and will go far. His classroom antics make him stand out from the rest of the class.”

Joan E. Tanton
4th Grade Teacher
Tomoka Elementary School
Ormond Beach, FL 32http://brentnorris.com74

Commentary – You only needed to read this one note, to really know me. Please send me a note if you see this Mrs. Tanton. : )

Some companies can be cross referenced on my professional timeline. Please send a note if you’d like contact information for any of the contacts.

Disclosure: Some testimonials have been copied, reformatted and reprinted with permission of the authors. My commentary was added post permission. Additional references available and a list of things clients think I’m good at can be found on LinkedIn.