How We Work

We Are Independent Contractors

We answer to many names,  “Web People”, “Chief Technology Officer”, “Engineer”, “VP Marketing”, “Web Monkey”, “Content Strategist”, “Chief Marketing Officer”, “sunshine” -the list is long.

We are trusted local guides and easy to work with. Everyone is paid “in-house” so you receive a single invoice. We scale resources to deliver any size project on time and on budget. We let you know before we bring in additional service providers.

We’re communicators because your project, regardless of size will have requirements for success. We listen intently to your needs and follow a proven process and timeline. From your estimate to your final invoice we “check-in” to ensure you are super stoked along the way.

We use the latest standards because it’s the right thing to do for persons with disabilities. It’s also true that Google rewards websites that follow standards. Pages that follow best practices rank higher in search engines. We keep costs low by investing time in the details of your project early in the process.

Our clients love us for staying focused on their ROI. A recent survey of our clients found a majority to consider our services as a “cost-reduction and efficiency strategy” more than a “necessary expense”. We do what we say and we get it done.

Details are necessary for many reasons. We want to reduce surprises, costs and unnecessary delays. We want you to have and maintain control of your digital assets. Everyone is replaceable. Should you ever decide another service provider might be a better fit, we provide you with everything you need for a smooth transition.

Some of the details we seek early in a project include;

  • Your formal business name, mailing address and contact information.

  • Best methods of contact. Our theory is that the medium should match the functionality of the task. Sometimes an email or a document are better than a txt msg for example.

  • Communication cadence. How often do you like to get informed about the progress of your project? 

  • How would you like to be contacted in case the Google data center or our webserver loses service? Phone call? Txt msg? Email? Other? All options?

Although I do all of the work and I am solely responsible for my work, I use the word, “we” a lot. Completing a great project on time and within budget requires a team. To create something original and complete that works great for you and your clients I’ll be using a wide range of licensed, open source software. Any special licensing will be done on your behalf. Other licenses that I pay for may be used on multiple websites to reduce costs. I use a platform built and maintained by thousands of designers and developers (WordPress). This includes themes and plugins built and licensed by third party developers. 

These open source licenses create value for you, the website owner, to benefit greatly from the efforts of many in the open source community. We will use a licensed copy of WordPress. Your website and licensing will be a new business asset that can be added to your digital asset portfolio. These assets may be transferred to a new business owner should you ever decide to sell your business. 

There are also temporary licenses that a new owner would need to renew monthly or annually and these are identified in price estimates when possible Certain plugins and themes that cost money to license may be necessary as you might require to add new features. I pay extra to license some plugins such as Gravity Forms and Elementor. Like every other part of your project my goal is to use the appropriate technology for your individual needs. By becoming a managed hosting client you benefit from the licenses that I pay for and use on your website.