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Attract More Sales with the Help of Online Advertising. From banner ad creation to email blasts to blog posts we help you advertise to your target audience in a way that increases click-through rates, reduces your CPM (cost per thousand) and inspires action from your Facebook, Google and Microsoft ad campaigns.

Why Advertise Online?

  • Generate leads by sending targeted traffic to your website forms
  • Online advertising is measurable and scalable.
  • Budgets can start small and scale to any size
  • Engineered processes to provide a return on your investment
  • Laser focus on your ROI (return on investment)
  • Online ads are often more affordable than other forms of advertising

We’ll help you navigate the process and corellate your spend with your resulting revenue. For a monthly fee we’ll create and manage everything.

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Who Should Advertise?

  • Business owners with a product to sell
    If you have a process in place for taking orders for either products or services you can sell, advertising will increase your leads. If you’re in a competitive market and don’t have the budget to create a link building campaign or hire a search engine marketer, creative online advertising can help. Start small, increase your budget as it works, in near real time.
  • Organizations Seeking to Create Mindshare for their Movement


What’s the Process to Get Started?

  • Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google or other networks we use, the process for working with us is similar. The analysis, reporting and placement process varies between networks. We will help you determine which networks could be most effective for your brand and prioritize based on your advertising budget. We’ll walk you through each of the steps, show you how it works for others and report weekly and monthly. Like face-to-face meetings? We do those too.

1. We meet with you to discuss your brand and business goals. With a functional branding exercise completed we can analyze your market and target audience. We do a lot of listening and carefully analyze your current situation.

2. We deliver our research and recommendations. We may recommend that you do more work before starting a campaign. An example could be the creation of a landing page on your website. No website? No problem. We’ll create a landing page for you. At this point, we will recommend a budget based on facts and needs.

3. Based on budget recommendations, we’ll ask for a check for your first month of advertising. Payments are made in advance of each month. If online ads aren’t the right thing for your business at this time, we can continue sending you Google Analytics reports about your website visitors. This will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your online business.

4. If the timing is right, we help craft messages based on our branding exercise. We’ll use this messaging to create ads that engage and attract clicks to your landing page. Copywriting is our speciality. We send weekly updates on ad performance to your inbox. We meet with you each month to provide detailed ROI reports and adjust your ad campaign. You will always be able to see your results and adjust your campaigns anytime.

We’re always available to answer any question.

Online advertising options:

  • Google Adwords – Advertise your business on Google
    We will setup, manage and display your ads on Google. Google Adwords will increase your targeted traffic. We put your message in front of folks searching for specific keywords using Google. We work with you and your staff to create and manage your campaign. We measure and report on all aspects of your campaign so you can make informed online advertising decisions and sell more products and services online. You’re in good hands. We’re trained and certified by Google.
  • Facebook Ads – Advertise your business on Facebook
    Similar to Google Adwords, we handle all the details. Facebook offers some options that are unique and in some cases better suited to small business owners. We’ve setup over one hundred Facebook pages and have tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising and Open Graph experience.
  • Bing Ads – Advertise your business on Bing and in Yahoo Ads.
    Using a combination of our in-house spreadsheets and desktop Microsoft Ad Center applications we target your audience and drive sales results. We can help you reach more customers on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

The costs of online advertising are based on the number of targeted viewers who interact with your ad. Unlike advertising in the newspaper, phone books or other print advertising, online advertisers only pay for actual clicks. Meaning, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Advertising campaigns require setup. Our clients are already setup so there’s no extra charge for setup. Non-clients must pay a minimum 4 hours setup  at $75 per hour.

Advertising campaigns require management for a return on investment. We require a 3 month run of ads at a minimum ad spend of $50 per week

“There are very high hidden campaign costs in maintaining a super complex account, especially with reporting and the sheer degree of difficulty to manage it on an ongoing basis.” -Larry Kim, CEO, WordStream

Note: Brent.FM managed hosting clients Do Not Pay the $650 setup fee.

We manage the details.
We keep it simple enough for you to easily understand the reports and complex enough to beat your competition. We are certified and experienced in all facets of paid advertising.

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