Professional IT Training & Classes

Need to Boost Your Team’s Online Skills?

Meeting your business goals requires certain knowledge, skills and abilities across several trades. Web professionals have consulting, design, development, security, administration and dozens of other skills sets. Web professionals have varying degrees of skills and experience. As business requirements grow your need for specialized skills increases. Professional IT Training & Classes is a requirement for a growing online business.

The Need for IT Training (by

Initial IT Training Consultation – Developing Your Knowledge Roadmap
We can help you plan for long-term success by through education planning. An easy to follow planning document will outline your business requirements and the skill sets necessary to design, development, secure and administer your online business.

A “knowledge roadmap” will focus your messaging, keeping your offers easy to understand for your target audience. You can learn which skills you need the most while reducing training costs. This also helps students retain what they learn in class. It also allows you to recognize more of the skills your business needs to grow. IT professionals provide the training services you require most.

We help you develop in-house talent and outsource the skills you need to reach your goals. Our relationships with the World Organization of Webmasters and local service providers delivers an assortment of instructors skill sets capable of delivering the classes your business requires most.

How Does It Work? What are the classes like?
Proper planning results in the class format that’s most appropriate for your needs. Some clients need a consulting or big picture lecture. Other classes work more like a step-by-step “how-to” course focusing on specific software and tasks. We can also deliver classes online in a webinar format for immediate review of the class anytime. Classes can also be held in your boardroom or conference center. If you prefer we’ll schedule a class in our local classroom or on the beach. We teach where you want to learn.

We currently provide training in web strategy, web design, graphic design, programming, scripting, basic web production and online marketing. We focus on developing the knowledge, skills and technical abilities necessary to complete your business goals.

What Happens When the Class is Over?
Knowledge retention is a key challenge for training providers. To turn newly learned skills into daily practice we’re available after the class to help. When class is over we encourage repetition. Using the knowledge you just gained will help your team during the weeks and months after the initial training is complete.

Work assignments can be developed and delivered based on the nature of the class and student skills levels. This may include daily or weekly emails with reminder assignments and tasks. Sometimes we hold multiple, successive classes over a period of time. We understand busy web professionals need to do their daily work while ramping up the skills necessary to get to the next level.

We provide custom designed presentations and hands-on training. All classes include the necessary resources.

We provide regular training classes out of the University of Hawaii at Hilo Innovation Center.  Call to schedule a custom class or attend the next available class in your area: 808-896-7656