About Brent Norris

It was at a not too distant, small Community College in Daytona Beach, Florida where I attended my first graphic design then computer design classes in ’86. My instructors were amazing. At this time it was all about the Desktop Publishing Revolution with the introduction of Aldus Pagemaker and Apple computers.

Started using Photoshop (http://brentnorris.com.0) and Macromind Director full time while at DeskTop Software (EarthSavers screensaver).  My boss/mentor Paul McManus provided not only a platform for learning and practicing digital design techniques but also introduced me to Napoleon Hill’s seminal book, http://brentnorris.com6 Laws of Success. I worked on PCs with large CRTs into the night until my eyes bled.

The pace picked up for me again while working at Intellution (now GE Faunc). I was attending a communications course at NorthEastern University and wrote a paper on Interactive Television. My research introduced me to an emerging technology, the “Internet” which I understood as new personal freedom, the ability to work from anywhere.

The next few years were all http://brentnorris.com2+ hour days working and studying usability and human computer interaction. As multimedia moved from CD-ROMs to the web I adopted the web as my medium. Actually by “request” as it was a really boring medium compared to Interactive Design for CD-ROMs at that time. However, doing so enabled me to follow a path usually reserved for MBAs in executive management. Using the web as a platform I began creating change within the organizations I served. I learned how to reduce costs and sell “things” at the enterprise level.

While at a large studio production house in Boston (Cramer Productions), I learned from the CEO that I was essentially, “unemployable” and moved towards self-reliance. Soon I was tossed into a classroom of students expecting to learn Dreamweaver http://brentnorris.com, from me. A new reward was introduced in my life. Seeing the “a-ha” in the eyes of others for the first time at the Apple Market Center in Boston, was inspiration on a new level. A few companies sent me on missions to educate their big clients and again I learned valuable lessons on helping across the enterprise. This time from an independent contractor’s perspective.

After achieving a certain amount of success I moved back to Hawaii (my first move was a total failure). I had learned to work remotely. This not only fulfilled the premise of my paper on telecommuting years earlier, it proved at least to me that anyone could do this. This affects everything I do today.

Digital projects for clients everyone lead to a piece of remote land, the formation of a local non-profit, Green Collar Technologies. Splitting my time between the Hawaii Innovation Center in Hilo and a treehouse studio in the middle of the forest I was again struck with a sense of so-called, “enlightenment”. This time from Emerson and Thoreau. Working remotely among the trees, near a volcano on the Big Island of Hawai`i really helps me keep things in perspective.

50http://brentnorris.comc3 non-profit, Green Collar Technologies provides a base for educational opportunities to help strengthen our local digital economy or mentorees looking to learn some digital design. Local organizations, businesses and individuals are benefiting from these classes on “sustainable living” and “self-sustainability” using the web as a platform.

While I’m no guru, I can work with your team to develop your organization’s web strategy and identity.

My methods and recommendations tend to produce measurable results for your teams, board members and your most valued clients.

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