Brent Norris Resume

Strong desire to support business leaders and organizations capable of creating very large impacts.

Expert ability to quickly assess business goals and accurately analyze IT efforts. Proven ability to deliver fact-based design and IT solutions in competitive markets. Track record of solving complex problems.

“Business leaders have used my situational awareness and focus on good to reach higher and do more good.” –Brent

  • Self-starter with effective collaboration skills on high-functioning teams
  • Adaptable to any task or environment
  • Ability to bridge communications between disparate teams and individuals
  • Software Engineer with 20 years Design and IT experience (MSCE)
  • UI/UX Designer with strong analytical background
  • Effective presentations from small boardrooms to large ballrooms

Process Goals: Listen and develop a deeper understanding of your needs. Collaborate, create and produce business requirements based on your vision and functional requirements. Communicate and deliver projects and campaigns on time and under budget. Share my professional knowledge, skills, and abilities in a manner consistent with your team’s needs. Operate within your corporate culture. I wish to become your most valuable founder, employee and brand loyalist.

Brent Norris Resume