Google Webmaster Tools Account Setup and Site Verification

See what Google sees. With Google Webmaster Tools and Search Console you can identify problems before they happen.

Get keyword insights, crawl errors and Google optimization recommendations. Learn about the overall health of your website with this invaluable addition to your marketing toolbox.

Google Webmaster Tools provides diagnostic services, statistical analysis and key website health indicators. Google Webmaster Tools have become a critical tool for the management of Google’s indexing of your website.

Our Basic Google Webmaster Tools Services include:

  • Website health reports direct from Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Creation of a Sitemap Protocol Compliant Sitemap for your website content.
  • Submission of sitemap to Google.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup and VerificationOur Google Webmaster Tools setup can be completed in a 48 hours turnaround. In most cases you will see results within a few days. You’ll receive your first report on the following Monday after setup and configuration has been completed. Additional customizations like optimizations to help Google better understand and represent your site are available for $50 per hour.

Get the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.