Managed SEO Services

Managed SEO Services. The top 5 Reasons customers rely on us for Search Engine Optimization.

1. Search bots like fresh content. Every WordPress managed hosting account includes WordPress publishing automation. We write a new post on your website every month or more depending on your package. We keep your website and social media accounts fresh for the best search results possible.

2. Facebook and Twitter links are also Google ranking factors. It’s not surprising. “74% of online adults use social networking site. –Pew Research” We manage your social links to provide value without penalty. We monitor your page links for referrals and spam. We eat link spam like musubi and use referral data to keep your site relevant in searches.

3. No more unseen attacks. No “This site may harm your computer” or “Something’s not right here.” We aggregate and combine data to sense and monitor Google trust. Duplicate content, keyword densities, hidden text, semantic markup are all monitored. We secure every page on your site with SSL encryption. We monitor for seo issues and specifically, any changes in your search engine status.

4. Google now considers your page load speed as a ranking factor. According to Kissmetrics, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” We optimize your page performance based on your specific content needs. Our Managed WordPress hosting accounts include three types of caching. We create a baseline, run tests and monitor your page load speeds using Google Developer tools.

5. There are at least 200 Google ranking factors. Knowing which factors are important can help you make decisions and prioritize your online marketing efforts. So we’re always available to explain any items in your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.

Our Managed SEO Services make it easy for your customers to find you. By managing your seo we provide you with consistent improvements to your search results.

“Small business owners and Webmasters love our services equally. The more our clients know about seo and sem the better we look.” -Brent Norris

Managed SEO Services“Marketers that implement complete marketing analytics platforms see an increase in performance. Sophisticated marketers who deploy a complete marketing analytics stack of five or more tools are 39% more likely to see improvement in the overall performance of their marketing programs. Only 26% of marketers surveyed believed that their marketing analytics tools are well-integrated and work seamlessly together. But, marketers with well-integrated tools were more likely to outperform revenue goals.” -Google and Forrester Research 

We manage the details. You receive weekly, fact-based insights so you can make informed decisions about your online business growth.

Your startup needs expert marketing at a low monthly cost. As you grow you can hire more employees. Until then we provide the SEO services that you need with none of the additional expenses.

Complete analysis, key adjustments and expert recommendations are provided. We help you scale your hosting and marketing needs from startup through all stages of growth. All the right marketing jobs at just the right time.

As you generate a return from your online business investment, we help you with lead-generating pay-per-click, email marketing and advanced search engine marketing campaigns in social media.

Our goal is to become your most valuable business partner. 

SEO / SEM Analysis

An honest analysis of your current situation. We’ll tell you what’s working well and what needs to be prioritized. We’re local and our reputation relies on our ability to continual provide a return on your investment in our services. We’ll provide you with an expert opinion on your current situation. You’ll also get a prioritized short-list of recommendations that can be used to improve your search engine rankings.

Weekly Reports

We setup Google Analytics for your website. Then we setup a custom report based on our analysis. Every Monday you get an easy to read report in your inbox. We’re always available to answer questions.

Blacklist Check

More than half the customers we accept are already experiencing some form of domain or email blacklisting or both. We fix these problems, monitor for any changes and report when something is wrong. This prevents a partial or total loss of domain name value and keeps you from getting banned in search results.

All of our managed hosting packages include a dedicated ip address and whole-site ssl encryption. $300 value.

Googlebot Insights

We setup and monitor your domain in Google Webmaster Tools. An expert setup in Google Webmaster Tools is often the difference between page 1 and some other page no one sees in search results. It’s a must-have for online business.

Page Performance

Website performance means your site must be available, fast-loading and code-optimized for major search engines. We monitor and report uptime, perform the upgrades and optimize your landing pages for Google Page Speed results.

Fresh Content

You need fresh content to keep the Google-bot indexing your site. No search engine wants to send their visitors to old search results. It’s critical to keep your content fresh. We can solve this key indexing problem by automating your website setup.

No content? No problem.

We create original content for many of our customers.

Optimized Content Creation $250/Month
Included in Business Pro Hosting and Marketing

Expert designers and writers work together to create compelling content for your website. Optimized blog posts with graphics are created for your website each week. Each post will be highly optimized for search engines. Our approval process includes sending you the content in a draft for your approval and edits. We make the changes, publish and ping the search engines for immediate indexing. Topics, keywords and key phrases will be picked based on your keyword research and marketing priorities. The SEO practices we use are the same that Google uses to optimize their own websites for the best keyword rankings.

Minimum 6 month commitment.

Per Keyword/Month

Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine marketing. We create and publish content that other webmasters will want to share with their visitors on relevant websites. The Google Page Rank algorithm considers inbound links a critical factor in determining search engine ranking pages.

A professional link building campaign is a critical part of your online marketing efforts. Allow us to run your first campaign and help you gain traction in your marketing and search engine results. It’s easier and more affordable to secure keywords and key phrases before your competition. It’s more difficult and expensive to try and rise in search results later.

Minimum of 3 active keywords/month.