Research, Analysis and Reporting Services

Your Business, Your Goals. We perform research to help you understand your online market. We provide facts to help you develop your online business goals. All reports are easy to read and actionable.

Internet Research, Analysis and Reporting Services:

  • Attention Analysis.
  • Reputation Management.
  • Market Research in your Industry.
  • SEO and Social Media Analysis.
  • Sales Funnel and Lead Generation Proposals.
  • Reduction of Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • Project Planning and Design Services.
  • Comprehensive Traffic and Content Metrics.
Research is based on quantitative and qualitative data coupled with emerging social signals from popular social networks. You can make informed decisions about projects, human resources and cost reductions. Actionable items will clearly demonstrate the most cost-effective way for you to reach a larger audience online.

About Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Some methods provide data which are quantitative and some methods data which are qualitative. Quantitative methods are those which focus on numbers and frequencies rather than on meaning and experience. Quantitative methods (e.g. experiments, questionnaires and psychometric tests) provide information which is easy to analyse statistically and fairly reliable. Quantitative methods are associated with the scientific and experimental approach and are criticised for not providing an in depth description.

Qualitative methods are ways of collecting data which are concerned with describing meaning, rather than with drawing statistical inferences. What qualitative methods (e.g. case studies and interviews) lose on reliability they gain in terms of validity. They provide a more in depth and rich description.

Quantitative methods have come under considerable criticism. In modern research, most psychologists tend to adopt a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, which allow statistically reliable information obtained from numerical measurement to be backed up by and enriched by information about the research participants’ explanations.

Many of the core studies perform collect both qualitative and quantitative data.

Research, Analysis and Reporting Services with Google and Bing