Rich Media Content Creation & Marketing

Video is worth a million words. Rich media content creation and marketing is the most engaging media on the Internet. A short video explaining your value proposition on your homepage is the best way to get your message across in the shortest time possible.

Video Editing and Processing $125.00 per hour (20 hrs minimum)
Need to look great on television or YouTube? We’ve got you covered. From scripting to shooting to editing to post-production we create compelling stories capable of delivering your message. Whether it’s High Definition or streaming online video we do it all at an affordable price.

Sound Editing and Processing $125.00 per hour (15 hrs minimum)
From music mixing and recording through video soundtrack production we can make you sound great and help your rich media standout in a sea of alternatives. We use local sound studios to record and mix the best possible voice-overs, jingles, dubs or studio music. We deliver on dvd, in iTunes, Windows Media, Google Play and any service you might imagine. From the Genome Music Project and sites like Pandora, Grooveshark, and more to complete digital rights management we’ve got you needs covered.

Podcasting and Video Casting $125.00 per hour (10 hrs minimum)
Need to reach large audiences on a budget? Rich media content marketing is a great solution. We can show you how. From planning, scripting and setup to podcast subscribers we deliver results.

Rich Media Content Creation and Video Advertising
We will create the media and a publishing process that delivers your targeted content to any size audience. We help you create a compelling and regularly scheduled format that tells your story the way you want to tell and share it with a larger audience.