Google, Bing, Yahoo! Sitemap Generation

Meet Googlebot, Google’s web crawling bot. Part spider and part librarian, the Googlebot crawls your site, discovers new content and organizes your content in it’s massive web aka the Google index. Every major search engine has one. Bing has the Bingbot and Yahoo! has the Yahoo! Slurp.

What you need to know is that if your web pages are not indexed, you may be losing 50% of your traffic to your competitior’s web site. 

Get your web pages indexed properly.

Use the same sitemap protocol every major search engine uses to index websites.

Not using WordPress? No problem!
We’ll create an xml sitemap based on the sitemap protocol and all major search engines use for indexing your website. We’ll optimize and submit your sitemap to all major search engines and report how many pages were indexed.

Already using WordPress? 
We’ll optimize your sitemap to include and exclude archives, categories, tags and fix many duplicate content issues that prevent your website from getting good search results.