Social Media for Governments

The Right Information at the Right Time. Social media and Press Relations for governmental departments and agencies have critical implications. We work extensively with your directors and public information officer(s) to craft communications that are accurate and compliant.

We provide the platforms and tools you need most without wasting time in discovery or learning to use the wrong tools or techniques. The platform we create for you is intended to serve your needs as your needs expand. We intend to create a lasting relationship.

The following services help public information officers and chain of command get started or get to the next level of service to your internal and external audiences. We guide you through the tough questions and provide a clear path for bringing your efforts into compliance. We help you support the immediate needs of your community. We help you understand and act internally to assure compliance in areas of document retention, privacy, security and time management with respect to social media and online communications.

Social Media Compliance Review – Expert analysis of current social media policy, planning and production efforts. We provide recommendations and actionable items for your department. We analyze and report on subscriber metrics, document retention efforts across networks, public-facing messaging, privacy, standards-compliance and current social media penetration. Departments and agencies can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing how your current efforts are perceived and being used by your citizenry.

Social Network Compliant Setup – We help setup your communications efforts across multiple networks while helping you stay within compliance in each network. Communication officers can take advantage of our tools and techniques aimed at reducing the overall amount of time you spend communicating while increasing your reach and raport with subscribers, followers and friends in social networks.

Social Media Compliance Training – Government officials and information officers can get a solid understanding of current trends, metrics and tools necessary to fulfill obligations to the public for real-time and scheduled updates to citizenry. Classes are either private or held at our classrooms around the island.

Social Media Production – Effective social media policy for local government requires policy adoption and production. We then create content and work with your team to craft routine, situational and crisis messaging that reaches your target audience in a consistent and formal manner. Security and document retention is always considered in the production process when you work with our social media professionals.

We understand your need to support your team and work with your assets in a way that is standardized and supportive of your growing needs now and in the future. The Brent.FM Team has been serving Hawaii Island for over ten years and ten years prior in Boston. Our services work easily on any device with a browser connected to the Internet. We employ standards and 508 compliance in everything we do so your communications meet all state and federal regulations. We deliver it all on a solid platform for growth.

Social Media Compliance Resources and Guides