Enterprise Data Migrations from OneDrive to Google Drive

Secure, HIPAA compliant, and eDoc compliant platform change to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus

We plan and execute large-scale, business-critical account migrations

It’s vital that everything go smoothly during a business-critical enterprise migration. You can rely on us to handle the automated work so you can focus on your work. We provide all services as well as user training, and support. 

Three Steps for a Successful Migration:

1. Planning


We connect to the services, domains, and to-be-migrated user accounts. We check and ensure that everything is ready to go for each account.


We scan all to-be-migrated accounts in advance and provide an overview with updated plans.


We schedule migrations in advance and prepare switchover plans for users, networks, and devices.

2. Migration

Initial Migration

Next we move mountains of data in the background while your users continue working as normal. 

Sync-Up Migrations

We then perform interim sync-up migrations to fetch all recent changes from the source accounts.

Switch Over End Users

Once ready, your team can make the switch being working in their new accounts.

3. Audit & Clean Up

Item-level Reporting

We track progress at each stage so we can identify exactly what happened during the migration.

Clean Up

We archive source data and clean up any accounts or data that were intentionally left behind. 

Support, if you need it

Everything is communicated each step of the way. We answer your questions in a jargon-free way that is easy to understand and actionable. We schedule all work and keep disruptions to an absolute minimum. When you feel it is helpful, we provide training to ensure productivity remains high before, during and after the migration.

We’re local and we’re here for you throughout your process and in the future when you need us.