New Security Updates

Two new updates have been made to your website:

  1. A new version of WordPress has been installed (4.7.2) Release Notes
  2. A major security plugin update has been installed. Release Notes
Security is critical for business websites.
Hacking often involves placing malware on a website. It can be difficult to find and harder to clean. Many site owners give up and start fresh. But this is not a security strategy and comes with consequences.Scraping your website is an option if you don’t have a backup. Our client sites have 30 days of backups, at all times. It’s your domain name that Google and other major search engines monitor. They check for outdated versions of code that might be suceptible and also for malware. In either case, Google is known to place a warning message within the search result for a page on your website. No one wants to start over with a new domain name. But that’s exactly what some site owners have to do once a site is sandboxed in Google. So we keep it clean. We use dedicated IP addresses to ensure your site is in a “Good Neighborhood” and we constantly monitor, protect and report any and all security issues. We also use a secure socket layer security (SSL) protocol that serves your web pages via httpS, the secure version of the hypertext transfer protocol.Our clients can monitor critical security information directly within the WordPress Dashboard. Login to check out the latest updates and steps taken to ensure your site is always secure.Your dashboard is located at:
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