SSL Security Now Propagating

Congratulations, your entire website will soon use ssl security. Your website is now hosted on a dedicated IP Address. Soon you will see HTTPS:// preceding your domain name in web browsers. Traffic to and from your site is being encrypted and sent through secure socket layers. Secure online banking, shopping and military websites use secure socket layers for confidential, financial, health, legal and government data. SSL security is also great for SEO as this type of security is also an official Google ranking factor.

The certificate you have recently ordered is being installed on your account. It will need to be renewed each year. All WordPress Managed Hosting Plans include yearly ssl certificate renewals.

If you are unable to reach your website by domain name, please allow few hours for your domain to fully propagate. Once propagated, we will review all assets on your website for security.

The private SSL requires a dedicated IP to be assigned to your account. That is why it often takes a few hours before your domain starts to propagate to the new IP. During this time you may NOT be able to access your website by domain name.

Thanks for your patience. We’re excited to be working with you on this security improvement.

If at any time you need help or assistance please do not hesitate to call: 808-896-7656