Strategic Consulting Services

Affordable Strategy, Planning & Training

Save thousands of dollars by understanding the opportunities and threats to your online business.

We help you understand what’s possible within your budget. We help you identify your online business needs based on your revenue goals. We help you become aware of affordable options that provide the best return with the least amount of investment. We help you understand the long-term impacts of your online business plan.

You would never build a house without a plan. Business owners can’t afford to wander aimlessly on the Internet. We help you set short and long-term direction and save you countless production hours.

Strategic Business Consulting
We share insights which typically save thousands of dollars in the first year of using our recommendations.

Production & Publishing Planning
Already have an online business strategy? We can help you prepare a basic production plan for implementing your social media strategy. We know what it takes to produce a winning plan for online businesses. We save you time and money.

Project Management Services
Communication with all stakeholders is essential to the success of every project. We help you do work required to ensure communication is flowing, barriers are removed and your project gets delivered on time and within budget.

Stakeholder Presentations
Need to get key members of your board or team up to speed on your online business needs? We can help. We produce and deliver business presentations in boardrooms and classrooms across America, Canada and Hawaii. We can help present your business case to investors, creditors, board members, colleagues, teammates and anyone else that you need on your side to win in today’s global economy.

Training & Workshops
We can train your staff and other stakeholders in production, sales, support and other roles necessary to complete your business strategy. Custom designed presentations and hands-on training delivered at your office or in our classrooms. Virtual classes also available to match your individual business needs.

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“The world is now trying to connect with us via social media. But there are millions of them and only a few of us.”
–  Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of Dachis Group