How Much Does Mobile Speed Affect Your ROI?

Do the math: You could earn more with a faster mobile website

Why is mobile speed important?

According to Google, “In our mobile-first world, we don’t just expect to have all the world’s information at our fingertips: we expect to get it the instant we’re looking for it.”

Things have changed dramatically in device usage in recent years. Mobile is number one. Desktop and laptop computers are no longer the target machine for your marketing messages.

According to Google, “Most mobile sites don’t live up to this expectation, despite major advancements in network speeds. Slow loading sites frustrate people with bad user experiences and cause publishers to lose revenue.”

We can help you create a mobile strategy. We can optimize your site for mobile speed and lead collection. Google’s mobile web revenue calculator linked below will help you explore how optimizing the speed of your mobile website could help you increase your revenue.

We use this tool for every client site we build and host.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Find out the speed of your mobile site — visit and be sure to change the connection type to “mobile” under advanced settings.

  2. Find your average eCPM, monthly queries, and match rate from DoubleClick Ad Exchange or AdSense.

Need to setup your mobile ads on Google, Facebook or other social media network? That’s what we do!

Call for an estimate to increase the performace of your website and mobile advertising ROI. Ask for Brent Norris: 808-896-7656

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