Testimonials (more things we’ve heard)

Frequently Asked Questions

“Should I have my site coded in sanskrit or atari? Is that something a computer nerd does?”

“Will going online will help me takeover the world!”

“My current website seems kinda confusing and doesn’t do much.”

brent-html“…he’s still building websites? He’s so old. Doesn’t he code in #cursive?”

“Is it original enough to win me an award?”

“Colors and fonts are very important to me. Can you make them look great on my screen.”

“I don’t care about the technology or jargon. I want to use appropriate technology to serve my customer’s needs so it’s as easy as possible for them to use my website.”

“While building my business online, I increased my awareness of other revenue opportunities I didn’t have offline. My online business is now thriving online as a result of new target audiences and my reach into new markets.”

“Mr. Norris has a way of listening to our needs, providing facts about our users and ultimately delivered a website that was better than we imagined. No other web professionals have helped us understand our online customers or budgeting requirements like Mr. Norris.”

“He probably won’t colonize Mars with a website but what he did for our online business is out of this world!”

Brent listens and does exactly as I ask him. It’s expensive. and only on weekends.

Names were witheld to protect the innocent. View testimonials with sources