Are You Really Ready to Advertise Online?

New and Existing Clients! If you're ready to advertise now, visit our Online Advertising page.

Have you unsuccessfully tried online advertising? New to online advertising? This post will provide some simple insights into Google Adwords and our local Google advertising services.

With around $200 US you can do a real test for a real return on your investment. An easy to read, reporting of the facts will show you exactly how your money was spent.

Here’s the basic, do it yourself, steps to setup a Google Adwords advertising campaign on your own:

  1. Visit Google Adwords and use the online form to fill in some details about your business.

  2. Create your first campaign. It’s not difficult. You can do it!

  3. Fund  your campaign using a your credit card.

  4. Review campaign details, spending limits and run your ad.

All the details are handled inside your Google Adwords account. Your username and password will be your google account aka your gmail account. Mon – Fri, 9am – 9pm ET you can get free setup help from Google by calling: : 1-800-862-4644 Offer limited to new advertisers. Support is subject to business and website qualification. Your net advertising budget not including your time: $200

Are you ready to advertise but not sure you have the time? Our Local Google Advertising services are for busy professionals that want us to handle all the details. It’s not more expensive.

Your cost to get started would be $200. We charge $75 for the work we do:

  • create accounts
  • setup adwords
  • create your ad
  • create your campaign
  • monitor and report campaign results

We will use a Google Adwords coupon. $50 will be sent to you from Google for advertising with us. Your net advertising budget not including your time: $175.00

Depending on your preference, we’ll meet with you each step of the way:

  1. First to learn about your business and advertising goals. We’ll explain how it works and what to expect. We’ll also explain why we recommended a $200 starter budget.

  2. Our second meeting is to share our advertising plan and details of your first campaign. We’ll tweak it with you.

  3. Our third meeting will be to collaborate on the results. You’ll see exactly how your ad budget was spent.

If there’s a return on your investment after using Google Advertising Services, you can decide to run a second campaign. We provide the advertising experience and knowledge of Google Adwords online advertising.

We set everything up including professional ad copy, your Google Accounts or we’ll use your existing account. We analyze your website landing page for your target audience. For an additional fee, we can optimize your landing page for search engine traffic. No website, no problem. We can also direct online advertising leads to your email and or phone number.

In local advertising, nuances count. Simple things like local ad copy can influence clicks from local customers.

We also provide Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other options. Depending on your business we may recommend another advertising program if we feel you could get a better return for your advertising dollars.

We have experience managing over 100 different ad networks and have conducted advertising campaigns in most mediums including radio, television, billboards, interactive story-cards, permission-based email marketing. We create the content, run the ads and provide the data analysis so you can decide what’s best for your business. Most likely, we’ll recommend Google Advertising Services for your first campaign.